MY BRAND BOARD - student project

Hello Faye ... Hello fellow students!

I always wanted to create my own brand board/guidelines, and this wonderful class gave me that opportunity to finally get it done. It's such a great asset for any business, saving time and questions.

A few things I want to still add are paragraph dividers/enders, small ornaments to fill a space (like between words), and photos of me (even though I'm NOT photogenic). And I think it would be nice to create templates for social media, as I do a lot of posting, especially on Instagram.

It was a challenge coming up with the fonts, as you can see, I have 5. Not sure if the script font is necessary, but I was thinking of this for titles.

I wanted to use a letter size document (8.5" x 11") because it would fit nicely in a binder or pocket portfolio. It's also a size I use for my art portfolio.

QUESTION for FAYE: Have you ever heard of branding that utilizes seasonal color palettes? For instance, one for the seasons or for the holidays? I've thought about doing that as well.

Anyway ... here is my two-page brand board. Your feedback is most welcome.

Graphic & Surface Designer | Artist