Lucy-goosey  - student project

As a college student on break and in a transition, a morning routine is hard to come by. I spent the last semester doing a full time internship while still being in school full time.  During this time, I just want to sleep and I don't want to do much of anything else except apparently taking skill share classes.  The one thing in the morning that is consistent for me is taking the dog in the photo on a walk.  I am currently dog sitting and I take her on a walk every morning.  It made me begin to question when dogs became domestic pets and when did there become a cultural norm of taking dogs on walks.  I mean Lucy is a small white dog.  She loves her morning walk and afternoon walk-- it is the same route every time but most days she acts like it is a new adventure.  However, she has enough room to roam and play in her own home.  Sometimes she runs around like crazy but even then she has her certain track that she always runs.  So when did we decide that dogs needed a walk? When did we decide that dogs needed to be pets? When did we decide to put leashes on dogs? When did sweaters and other outfits become dogwear?  When did coats for dogs become a thing? Lucy has a coat because she's so small and pretty much needs one because she gets cold really easily making it difficult to take her outside.  Also why does dogwear have to be so expensive? The cost of Lucy's coat is about half of what mine was.  She's like 10 pounds.