Lucas vs Evil Ninjas

Lucas vs Evil Ninjas - student project

Thanks Yuko for this mind opening class.

I've been digitally illustrating for some years and was always afraid of the analog world.

It was very challenging for me to work without ctr+z and to think in black and white value.

In my digital process I always think about the colors since the beginning of the project.

But it was really fun to do this!

These are the tools I used: HB Staedler pencil, 2 Winsor & Newton watercolour brushes (n. 1 and 6), a small nib for details, a 12w Cintiq for colors and final touches and a simple soap to clean the brushes.

I did my sketch on an A4 canson layout paper, with HB pencil.

I transfered it to an A3 Canson Watercolour 300g paper and started inking with the brush n.1, then added thicker lines with the n.6 brush.

At this point, it was really hard for me to know where to throw black blocs, where to add more ink. So I took the drawing at this stage to computer and made a really quick (about 10min) sketch to think of it with colours.

Then went back to the board and had fun adding a lot of ink!

The final result on paper is this!

and here is the final piece! Hope you guys like it!

and feedbacks are always welcome! :-D