Lonely, dreaming crab

Lonely, dreaming crab - student project

First of all, many many thank for the lesson. I really enjoyed it as well as your aristic work overall. I've watched the class three times to catch the movements of the brush. XD

My challenges are: to make less strokes, to generalise forms and to avoid mud. I can't say that I'm really satisfied with the work, though I've done my best.

My crab is a little bit more romantic. I found a nice picture of the bottle from the brown glass and this inspired me to paint the crab looking at sunset. Maybe dreaming about something, maybe waiting, who knows=)

This is the first wash

The second wash

The third wash

Overall it's become a little bit muddy and I think that I have to limit colors in my pallet. Too much complimentary colors, isn't it?

Final Touches