Liza_Lluma - student project

Hello! I'm an Australian graphic designer and illustrator living in a small medieval village in rural Catalonia. I used to work in a thriving branding studio in Melbourne before turning my life upside down by moving to the other side of the world for love and a quieter and culturally rich life. 

You can read more about my journey here in a Skillshare Member Spotlight interview.

I'm exploring various creative styles and realise it takes quite a while to find your own. I still don't really have a concrete idea of mine yet. Although Brooke's course has helped me to ask myself the right questions to formulate my own brand. - Thank's Brooke!

Hope to see you on Instagram (@liza_lluma) I post my creative illustrations and would love to get to connect and engage with other creatives. Even just to say 'Hi'.

Personal Brand Style (a work in progress : )

- Bold designs, strong colours, visual humour and playfulness.
- Designs to have a message/story behind them.

Business Plan

Passive income streams though POD t-shirt designs (Merch, Etsy, Teemill) and font packages and illustrative clipart on Creative Market. Merchandise, wall art on Etsy. Still exploring these outlets.

Originally I had the plan to be a children's book illustrator and then a surface pattern designer...but I seem to keep changing my mind. lol. In an ideal life I just want to draw and have fun : -D


>> UPDATE August 2020

Since I completed this course I've...

- Created books with positive messages to sell on Amazon - you can check out my author page or search for my pen name Liza Lluma. 

- Gone on a creative journey on Instagram @liza_lluma posting my drawings and finding my style. At the moment I'm drawing portraits of young women while exploring different colouring styles - which has lead to the Fear Less Fems brand. 

- Opened an Etsy Shop called Fear Less Fems - where I make and sell self-care printables to help self-empower young women and it has also become a creative outlet for me as an artist.

- Opened another Etsy Shop called Teachers Day Off because I appreciate all the hard work teachers do and I've always wanted to design t-shirts.

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There always seems to be so much to do and it can be overwhelming. The best way to start something - is just to start it. Then in a years time you can look back on how far you've come.

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