Little mermaid

Little mermaid - student project

Thank you Lisa for sharing your process with us through this class! 

For my first attempt at a "sketched" vector look, I created a little mermaid character. I followed the steps of the class: sketching, tracing each component, scanning, image tracing and then playing around with colours and composition. 

I did however find that once I image traced the elements, I lost a lot of details... I scanned at 400dpi, but didn't know how to adjust the output size on my scanner to a higher number as suggested... I may need to try again and see if I can find that adjustment because I feel like a lot of details got lost...

Was very fun to use this method and I'm planning on trying it again to see if I can maintain a little more details.

Little mermaid - image 1 - student project

Little mermaid - image 2 - student project


Little mermaid - image 3 - student project

Little mermaid - image 4 - student project

Little mermaid - image 5 - student project


Update: So I went back again and rescanned the drawing at a higher resolution (600dpi) and then on photoshop readjusted the resolution down to 300dpi so I could get a larger image size. Went back in illustrator to image trace and the results were definitely better. A finer texture started showing up! Yay! It's a start. Here are my new mermaids: 

Little mermaid - image 6 - student project

Little mermaid - image 7 - student project



Tati Abaurre

Pattern designer & Illustrator