Lightroom Photo Edit

Lightroom Photo Edit - student project
  • Were you aiming for a subtle or dramatic edit? I wanted to lighten up the sky as well as her skin tone while making her outfit pop a little.
  • How did you aim to balance creativity with accuracy in your final image? I did my best to keep colors as close to the original photo as much as possible while adding saturation and a little bit of contrast.
  • What technical edits did you make first? I originally raised the shadows and highlights to brighten things up; however, when I did not like how dark it kept her skin town in comparison to how I remember the photo. So I adjusted the exposure .25 and moved the highlights down to -9 and it looked perfect. The adjustments on the tone curve were minimal and I completed the color adjustments individually. Added some split toning of blue to the highlights and some amber to the shadows. It wasn't quite sunset when I took this, but wanted to try to give it that purplish tint without going to overboard.
  • Where did you try to push your photo creatively? After I thought I was finished with the photo, I re-edited it with the brush tool to add some dehire and clarity to the sky.