Let's Play With Acrylics

Let's Play With Acrylics - student project

I really love this project! My favorite part was creating the tint, and mixing the paint with the glaze. I didn't know mixing the paint with glaze can give a watercolor look which for me is a deal breaker since I paint mostly in watercolor, so thank you Bonnie :) I want to make the habit to practice more tints, tones and shades. I really struggle with shades, that's why I did it twice. I tried your recommendation about mixing the paint with a primer and I really like it a lot! I discovered I am not good at writing with brushes.. lol and that I need to buy a better quality set of Acrylic brushes, I think the ones I bought weren't that good. From the topcoats I really like better the matte. In overall, I enjoyed doing this project. Sometimes we want to jump straight to paint without learning the basics. These exercises helped to discover new materials, tips, strengths and weaknesses. Looking forward to learn more with you. Thank you! ;) 

Graphic Designer