Lethe - student project


INT. Amy and Natasha's apt - DAY

Amy on her bed typing on her laptop as Natasha enters her room

Natasha: Hey girl have you seen my pick? It's the one with the fist. It's Black...

Amy still typing

Amy: Nooooope

Natasha: Are you sure because I left it in the main bathroom but I cant remember what I did with it after that.

Amy stops typing and looks up. Notices the pick is in Natasha's afro and begins to try to tell her...

Natasha: Never mind (laughs nervously) Im sure it'll turn up somewhere

Natasha exits the room

Amy: That girl is always forgetting shit. (laughs to herself)

Amy gets up to grab a bite a in the kitchen while she's focused in her phone

Natasha: FOUND IT! (O.S.)

Amy enters the kitchen still looking at her phone (beat) looks up and puts down her phone. Baffled as to why she came into the Kitchen.

Amy: Why the hell did I come in here?