Lemons - student project

Hello Everyone!


Thought I'd give you a closer look at the pattern I created during this class. I am obsessed with creating this style of pattern with loads of winding leaves and plants. Previously all my patterns in this style have included tons of flowers, so this time I wanted to do something a little different. Just lemons with their leaves!

As much as I love drawing these patterns by hand on paper, I really really love the convenience of creating them on the iPad. It's a great time saver since I don't have to draw with pencil, then pen, erase all the pencil marks, and then scan and edit the pen drawing in Photoshop from any and all mistakes. I love that the iPad allows me to make mistakes and I can fix them right then and there. Also since using the app Adobe Draw, I automatically draw in vector and can add color so this saves me many steps in Illustrator as well. The overall look may be a little more polished and vector/digital looking than if I had imaged traced a hand drawn pen drawing but I still like the look. In the future I would like to look into ways to make my patterns created this way on the iPad a little less polished. Texture is something I haven't really played with very much.

The light pink and blue color scheme was a palette I was working with for another collection but thought it was so pretty I had to continue using it, and the addition of a bright lemon yellow is even prettier. I think it's very fresh and girly and I can see it looking very pretty on kitchen textiles like a frilly apron or a statement wallpaper in a breakfast nook.



Since I was so in love with this color scheme I thought it was so difficult to find alternate color palettes. But here are a few that I thought fit rather well.



The last one with the dark purple leaves is my favorite of the new color palettes.

So that's it! Looking forward to see your projects as well.

xoxo Kristina

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