Legend of Korra

Legend of Korra - student project

So the project I did for this is already done. I really loved Korra's new look for Book 4 (even if I modified it slightly), but I had to finish the drawing before the premiere so I didn't get around to uploading photos as I progressed, but I'll try to kind of show the steps here.  Unfortunately I tossed the original sketch, done in Photoshop, but here are the outlines.

I haven't done such solid outlines on anything in quite a long time so this was a bit of a challenge, but also quite fun.

Flat colors:


Added color to her skin, some details:

Now for the background I ended up getting rid of the outlines altogether. The mountains are so distant that it just gave them the wrong look to have any kind of solid outlines at all.

Added in some rocks for her to throw, dust, banners, and a really halfhearted attempt at metalbenders to finish the piece:

Sooooo yeah, I want to thank Patrick for putting this class together. I found the methods taught in the videos to be extremely helpful AND fun to use.  If anyone has any advice for how I could further improve, be sure to let me know!