Learning Maya — FX

Learning Maya — FX - student project

I finally finished all the series, yeah! This serie was really cool as always:) It took me quite a lot of time to complete all that since I have a job, but it was worth it. Now Maya doesn't look like a spaceship control panel but very useful creative instrument.

There are some things which I did differently because of my wishes and hardware limitations. 

1. Unfortunately, the destruction script didn't work in my case at all, maybe it's because of Maya's version or something. So I transfered the scene to C4D via Alembic and did the destruction there using Voronoi Fracture. Not the best way but it worked somehow. 

2. As for smoke, I created a very good one using the lesson but... I couldn't render it with Redshift, despite the fact that I tried everything possible. So it took me on a two week journey to Houdini, in the end of which I realized that I needed just a couple of things to be done to have the result I need. That's Houdini, yeah, nothing works as you expect it to work.

3. I wanted to create realistic vegetation, so I used SpeedTree. I'm not happy with the result yet but I'll keep learning since I'm going to create a lot of nature in my projects. 

Thanks a lot for these series, Lucas, they are really good!