Lazy Mornings

Lazy Mornings - student project


My name is Ree.

I love a good photograph, and I feel as if, out of all the items you bring into your home, art tells the most about a person. I also love how a photograph has the ability to speak to everyone differently.

I have long been an admirer of other photographers work and have been taking photos as a hobby. Until recently when I decided to see if it could be more than that, and opened an Etsy shop.

I enjoyed taking this class and it got me to think about I really wanted my shop to be about.

As I was thinking about it, the phrase I heard from a friend kept coming back to me, “Having a soft heart and a strong spine.” It really resonated with me, in life as well as what I wanted my prints to be- strong, but also able to show a soft side.

That is the kind of photographs I am consistently drawn to, soft light in natural surroundings. Simple and quietly beautiful, but still having the ability to make you pause.

I then filled in these worksheets with that in mind.