Lauren Bacall Reimagined

Lauren Bacall Reimagined - student project

Just starting out and doing these modules over my lunch, so my progress will likely be slowish...

I'm super inspired by 1950's portraiture; I just love what they did with those glamour shots back in the day! I wanted to reimagine a 50's movie star as an actress in a blockbuster role today. I have all sorts of ideas, but not a lot of time to explore them ALL, so here's my progress so far. I've narrowed it down to four different "Theme" options.

Would love some people to weigh in on which one I should hone in on.


Decided to work on the Faun, which ended up being the darling of the 4 options. Started putting the basic shapes together, need to liquify some stuff and fix some of the off-features like the shape of her mouth and eyes, and her cheek bone/jawline feels a bit wide... but it's a start. Remember, only working on this over my lunch break...

Todays Progress - Moved things around a bit, focussed on shape, and cleaned up some details. Going to start work on finishing up next lunch

Today's Update: I've been working on this for 45min stints over the past week. It's tough to do that... it takes me some time to get back into my thought process for edits and then as soon as I find my groove, I have to stop. BUT i got around to adding some detail to her hair and implimenting some Hard/Soft shapes. Smoothed out some rough spots and added in some other shapes.