Large audience but little engagement

Large audience but little engagement - student project

I am working for a client that it's been hard to trigger engagement with. It's a good day if I get one like. Usually organic reach is about 1-2K (out of 8000 followers). Before I started they were just advertising products and getting 2.5K consistently. I came in and posted a few interesting articles, some quotes (target is women and weddings) mixed in and reach has become erratic. Sometimes I only get a reach of 300 whereas sometimes it's 2000.

To change this I'm going to try being more consistent and designating different days for different things, all the while trying to promote our products in some way. For example, Mondays are going to be for the Deal of the Week, where one product is highlighted and specially discounted, because that seems like something people might look forward to. Wednesdays are going to be for wedding-related things (like great love stories, new bridal fashions, etc.) because we've had a lot of luck with posts like that in the past, and I'm going to pair it with a relevant product (i.e. Here are the wedding dress styles of 2018 and here are some champagne flutes to toast finding the perfect dress with).

I'm not really sure if I did this right or what to expect in terms of feedback but I'd welcome any thoughts/constructive criticism and these ideas have all mostly been products of this class, so thank you Brian and Buffer.