Landscape Sample Project

Landscape Sample Project - student project

For my class project, I am inking a landscape from the desert where I recorded my class. I like the landscape because it has the elements we cover in class. It depicts trees, bushes and rocks. This is my image below for reference.



I am drawing on Illustration board and have used a pen and ruler to make a rectangle. This serves as a ‘frame’ of where I will create my drawing.



I first use the technical pen to make some marks that will serve as my foundation. Instead of using pencil, I use light pen marks. I then lay down some of the dark ink for the tree and other parts of the midground and background. I skip around- using different pens and brushes and every mark I make is either foreground, midground or background.


Below is my finished landscape. I can frame this illustration board or scan it in so I have a digital copy of it.


Freelance Designer/Illustrator