LET'S EAT by HELENE VIENNA - student project

After a long while of deciding what I wanted to do (because yes, there is some kind of pressure to put yourself and your ideas out there), I finally made up my mind what my mission should be: EATING! Eating in a freelance class? Well, let me explain it to you.

I've been struggling with severe allergies for many years now and food/cooking/eating is on my all the time. Meanwhile, my health has made it very difficult to stay at a workplace. As much as I love working for employers, I love working on my own terms (which doesn't exclude collaborating with clients and other artists – quite the opposite actually) and being able to take care of my health.

As an illustrator, designer and self-announced chef I've been experimenting in the kitchen ever since my allergies have started. I'm passionate about working with my hands and drawing what I eat.

TO MAKE IT SHORT: I want to create recipe cards for people who are not afraid to try new dishes out, love to have fun in the kitchen and benefit from the knowledge of food which I collected over the years. 

THE NEXT STEP is to figure out in which way I want to realize my project, how much time and money it'll need. But this was the first and most important part - to get it out there.

Illustration + Photography