Kitchen Goods

Kitchen Goods - student project

For my project, I wanted to develop a collection of kitchen products. Some of my best memories have been in kitchens, whether it was childhood Friday night dinners at my grandparents or the bakery I worked at as a student.

I started, by working on my mood board, pulling together inspiration:

I haven't worked with moodboards before -- I found this step really helped me identify products I was drawn to and styles that resonated.

From there, I moved to sketching. Here's a couple early ideas:

And then I jumped into designing the products. Here's the finished pieces:

What I really appreciated about this class was the way it made me think about product attributes. For instance, is the product I'm designing round? Will it be seen from different angles? Does this product need a print at a small scale or large scale and why? I found all of these points incredibly helpful when jumping to the final project.