Kirigamia - Modern decals for kids and family

Kirigamia - Modern decals for kids and family - student project

Thanks a lot for the great class.  I want to impove our look and feel in our store, add some listings and productos... but can you give me some feed back on what I have?

Thanks a lot in advance.


About Me

Hola! How are you?

People call me Anita. I am a mother of two lovely boys and an avid graphic designer. I studied my B.A. in Caracas, Venezuela and then was lucky enough to do a masters in Milan, in visual design.

I live and breathe colors, textures, shapes. I believe in happy homes and nothing makes a place happier than having fantastic design, homey feel, and good vibes. Our shop is made just for that.
We package and produce everything with our own two hands, right from our home in Boca Raton, Florida.

About our Company

Our brand name derives from the Japanese words kiru, which means, “to cut” and gami meaning “paper”. Originally, kirigami was the art and technique of cutting paper and making different shapes and patterns with scissors. In Kirigamia, all designs are made and cut with vinyl, a very noble material that can be adhered to any smooth surface. Our team is comprised of graphic designers; therefore, our possibilities to create are limitless. We make decorative and artistic designs; these can be either pre-designed shapes and patterns ready to install or custom-made.

Collections / Products

Well-decorated environments are pleasant and enthralling; therefore, in Kirigamia we are pleased to transform any wall to portray our designs through them.
We are a simple and versatile option to renovate all your environments.

Get to know our different decorative vinyl for all rooms: toddlers, kids, kindergartens, home, parties and events.