Kikken Coaching

Kikken Coaching - student project

Hi there!

First of all, great class. It gave me a lot of inspiration!

I have made a brand board for a life coach under the name Kikken Coaching. For Kikken Coaching, it was important to include nature and spirituality in the brand. We agreed on the colours green and pink, which stand for nature and the heart chakra. I have also used pertaining shapes to create the logo.

It was important to keep things clear and clean. I hope I have achieved that with this brand board as well :)

I would love to get feedback. Any constructive criticism is very welcome! Maybe I missed something, or could have done something differently, anything that comes to mind! I do tend to struggle a bit with typography, so maybe you have tips for that?

Thank you for reading and looking!


It took me a little while, but here are the added suggestions:

Here's the stamp with the tagline 'Leven vanuit je hart', which is Dutch for 'Living from the heart'.

Following is the business card with first the black type and second the warm grey.


Visual artist / Graphic Designer