Khlina for brand Identity and Marketing

Khlina for brand Identity and Marketing - student project

Our Story 


We are three females who joined a graphic design bootcamp we were struggling with our own business and wanted to develop our skills and to enhance our personal skills and grow

our businesses during this journey we have tried to discuss and meet with people who can help us to find our own way and take further step in this field at the end of this journey we found that each one of us have a unique attributes and skills which make us a team who complete each other like a collection of skills. 

We were part of many small businesses that were struggling to stand out in the market. 

We wanted to help new startups to find their own voice and grow their business so we launched Khlina in 2022. 

Today, We designed the brand identity for business owners by building strategies to create marketing campaigns tailored to their clients needs.

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