Keep Learning

Keep Learning - student project

Hello all!

My name is Nick and im a designer based out of SF with an architecture/interior design background.

I first started using instagram (as most do) very sporadically, mainly just chronicling my life.  However it felt very inconsistent.  Deliberate, but inconsistent.


Starting at the beginning of the year I began treating my account as a platform to showcase personal projects in a variety of mediums.  These projects have doubled as a creative outlet but also as a means to keep learning in different fields and become a better multidisciplinary designer.

Overall its been a great platform for me to commit, finish and share projects that would otherwise never see the light of day.

However im currently struggling to find my story and my direction as a designer.  Ive thought about either revamping my current account or beginning another one with more directed approached.  The past 6 months have been all about exploring, but im currently at a point now where I want to be more focused and develop a brand.

Thanks for looking!