Kay Kookaburra

Kay Kookaburra - student project

1. First Drawing -Rule Pencil

2. Paint around the subject - watercolour

3. Use the whole paint brush to make the shapes - watercolour

4. Fountain pen and don't lift it off the page - found it hard to keep my hand steady.

5. Ink Pencil and minimal Lines going over with water

6. Bright Colour pencils and vigorous - ink pencils

7. Drawing multiple eyes and beaks - watercolour

8. Make the paper all wet before start using the  watercolour. 


9. Up Close - watercolour

10 Broad Brush - Watercolour

I really liked the images where I used the brush to make the shapes rather than just drawing with the tip of the brush.  I love the items where i only got to draw / paint the beak and eyes.  The other think I really liked was using the broad square brush and two colours.  I did not try so hard to draw the item but just put down strokes.