K.I.S.S. - student project

I have been working a lot of overtime for the last few months and have spent far more time collecting painting supplies than using them. The project I'm planning is I want to fill a watercolor sketchbook in the month of September. 


I realized while I was doing the brainstorming that I had two big obstacles and oddly time isn't really one of them. 

The first was I tend to overthink and make things harder than they have to be. (ie Should I take a bookbinding class to make my own sketchbook? No! At least not right now.)

The second was my brain has usually turned into lumpy oatmeal by the time I get home and while I may want to paint I have no ideas other than pushing paint around in no particular patterns. 

Planning really helped to take care of the first problem and brainstorming helped come up with a solution to the second. 

1. I'm going to come up with a limited palette of colors and only use those. 

2. I'm going to start working on the massive list of skillshare classes I've been wanting to take. 

K.I.S.S. - image 1 - student project

Of course, there are way too many teachers and classes to squeeze into a month or one sketchbook, but I started at the top and came up with 36 classes so I have choices but not so many that I get overwhelmed. I can close my eyes and point if I need to.

Thanks again for the terrific class.