Just Keep Chopping

Just Keep Chopping - student project

I've always been fairly comfortable using knives, but I generally stuck to paring knives and the odd serrated knives when needed so pulling out the largest knife in the knife block was rather indimidating. I decided to go ahead and try everything slice that she showed us. 

Slice ft. celery

Julienne ft red and orange bell peppers

This was probably the most difficult cut, and partly because the knife isn't very good. Once I'm out of college, a good chef's knife will be the first kitchen item I purchase! 

Dice ft. red onion

I used a red onion, because I like them better. I don't think I've every successfully cut an onion before! This one was massive. I had to take two breaks for... emotional needs. But it was definitely a faster way to cut an onion than I have tried in the past! Also, the only thing I could smell in the apartment the rest of the day was onion!! 

Mince ft garlic

I generally cheat and just use pre-minced garlic so this was a new adventure. 

And then all of my chopping put together! I promise I used a larger cutting board... ;) 

She learns as she goes.