Jughead Jones • Portrait

Jughead Jones  •  Portrait - student project

✧ Hello :)
I do have some experience in Digital Art, but never really succeeded at realistic portraits, so I decided to take this class :)

i need life drawings for my portfolio for upcoming applications and this helped me out a lot!

I skipped over the Tablet + Software parts, but really enjoyed the Lessons on blending
(so much new info for me) and how individual facial features were covered in their own lesson each :)

I decided to paint a portrait of Cole Sprouse, from CW's show "Riverdale".

As a reference I decided to use this picture I found on Pinterest:

I thought starting of with a black and white image might be easier than colour for my first try.

This class was super interesting + helpful! Thanks a lot for a great course, Chloe :)

Below I have some images of my steps + the final result ✧

1. I started out with a sketch, as shown in the lessons. I did use a grid (not shown) to place things more accurately. 

Jughead Jones  •  Portrait - image 1 - student project

2. I started with shading and blending the face and trying to get the values right.
   it took me way longer than any other digital illustration and I wasn't sure if I was gonna finish it,       but i kept at it, like Chloe suggested :) (see stages below)

Jughead Jones  •  Portrait - image 2 - student project

3. Lots of blending... later i fixed mistakes i saw and re-blended my illustration.
    + i added a background :) (i might change the background, but for now it is what it is)

4. Here's my finished piece! I tried achieving a more painterly style - hence the smudging at the         edges :) Really liked how it turned out + excited to experiment further :)

Jughead Jones  •  Portrait - image 3 - student project


Thanks for looking at my project, leaving thoughts/feedback + thanks again for a great class! ✧

Sanya Elisabeth

Animation Student