Jess Draws in Motion!

Jess Draws in Motion! - student project

22 Dec 2013

I'm really excited to start practicing more with action/motion/gesture and all that good stuff!

Here's a character design I worked on today. She's a scavenger in a post-apocalyptic future. I jotted down notes as I drew and thought about how she would need to dress for that environment. I've left them in incase anyone's interested.

I think I'll take a break and come back to it with fresh eyes.

23 Dec 2013

Looked at references, more character design options...
I will probably go for the left one, minus the water tankard and backpack, and for the action pose I'd like to show her climbing or doing some sweet parkour over a fence to get a way from feral dogs chasing her. D:

27 Dec 2013

Well I worked on a new character design today, and then practiced expressions referencing varied artist's work. I found it hard to keep my style and proportions consistant. I need to keep trying. This seems to be an area I have a lot of room for improvement in, and also something that will make a big impact...

31 Dec 2013

Gesture studies from I think I focussed too much on contour lines until the 30 second poses at the end. I should keep doing those ones because they make you prioritise only the essential parts.

6 January 2014

Parkour gesture studies. Hm, I'm not sure what to focus on in gestures. I always find it hard to get that nice sense of motion... some of the limbs look stiff. Any tips? 

10 March 2014

Here's a little update to show I still plan to finish, but it's been low on the priorities list I guess! :o I've still enjoyed receiving comments and critiques and seeing what everyone produces in this class. :)

It occured to me with the wolves and the cape, to throw a little red-riding-hood into the mix... :)

And now to start painting...

I can see the legs look odd, the toe is pointing a different way to the ref, and the angle of the face maybe should change, and the eyes should point forwards, if not at the wolves.

I also want her to be carrying something she would risk harm to obtain, like food, water or something precious, maybe some fruit from an overgrown orchard that's tumbling out of her bag or she's fetching seeds or cuttings to bring back to her community so they can grow food... (just throwing ideas out there so I don't forget them :p ).

Maybe in the far distance, you can see ruined abandoned skyscrapers or smoke to set this in a post-disaster future...

I also want to make her pants full length but with some tears, holes over the knees, scrapes, dirt and grubbiness, as though your clothes have to last you a long time, and nothing gets wasted if it can be avoided.

23 April 2014

I went further with the painting, it's like the most drawn out painting ever xD. I still have a lot of detailing and anatomy fixing to do. But I really, really like where it's going and I'm starting to form more of a story in my mind. Thoughts and critiques are very welcome thanks :)

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