Ivory Penguin Branding

Ivory Penguin Branding - student project


My name is Leah Adams and my project is for Ivory Penguin Studios. (Ivory Penguin). It is an online studio/shop of custom wedding and decor calligraphy pieces along with fine art prints (photography, painting, mixed media)

The name ivory penguin imporatnt to me and is a reference to my target market. For the calligraphy side of my business I intend to target weddings and produce wedding stationary. The art is geared towards young adults just starting out on their own or in their first home looking to begin an art collection. Penguins are one of the few animals beleived to mate for life so I thought it was a great symbol of the wedding industry and life as a whole. Ivory is also a significant color in the wedding market and the combo of white (ivory) and black is very modern and punchy. 

Design Brief and Brand Inventory (Usage)

I'm planning for a modern, colorful and bold, yet beautiful logo (evoking the handmade/calligraphy feel) that will be used primarily online and for sales and packaging goods

  --- I'm thinking social media. website. stickers and cards to send with shipments. business cards and flyers. possibly for signs at fairs


I like really clean and simple designs but want a looser feel to incorporate the handmade/custom aspect of the business. I love more modern logos with black and white and punches of color. 

Mood board:

I'm really drawn to the inclusion of watercolor in the logo somewhere as well. Perhaps to bring in the color

Initial Sketches/Doodles



I know I want to mix both a calligraphic/handwritten typeface with a clean modern san serif to really capture the essence of the personality but don't know if that should be done

in the name or in a name and a subheading (i.e. just ivory penguin or ivory penguin: art and calligraphy)

I am also debating writing the handwriting myself vs. finding something similar online. I'm not sure how to vectorize my own writing so thats the hurdle. 

none of these premade calligraphy typefaces feel like "me" so I think I will end up doing it myself.

The Symbol

I know I definitely want to incorporate the penguin into the logo because I feel I can really make that clean and also utilize my art/calligraphy skills to get the right style. Maybe the constrasting thick and thins of the calligraphy pen. Or drawing him with the watercolors. Maybe incorporating the tip of the pen into the shape of the penguin. (see earlier doodles). The penguin is essential to the meaning behind the name so I want it in the logo somewhere.


I know I want to have a horizontal version and a smaller compact version of the logo to use in multiple applications. I am drawn to the idea of a circular logo for smaller areas (stickers, social media, some watermarks). 

Color Palette

As I mentioned before I want black and white with pops of color. My brain dump of a full color palette is below and I want to pull one or two of these colors to mix with the black and white for my primary palette. I'm gravitating towards the green, coral or fuchsia (but don't want anything "cheap" looking