It's a Flower Crown Prince

It's a Flower Crown Prince - student project

*I don't know why skill share is rotating my photos the wrong way, there's no rotate option :(

Okay first of all, this was an amazing gouache tutorial! One of the best here so far. Now with the project, I'm not really into drawing animals (I'll address that problem in the future) so here's a flower crown dude. This is my 3rd time using gouache. The first one was a failure. The second one was beginner's luck. We didn't have any carbon paper so I used a light pad instead and just used a kneaded eraser to lighten the lines. I didn't take pictures of the process because there's just something about me looking at my work  unfinished that makes me cringe at the sight of it. Anyway, what helped me the most during this project was the layering technique. It helped me achieve that flat colored look without streakiness. And (I know this may seem weird) but I kinda went through all of the teacher's tumblr posts and found an old watercolor tutorial [here's the link-->] and what intrigued me was #12. I tried doing those blushies buuuut I kinda failed because I didn't read the whole paragraph which said don't press too hard with the tissue and I did so I kinda messed up the shoulders so I covered it up with colored pencil =.=' But I hope I can perfect that technique sooon. It would be wonderful to see an example of that tip in action.

Maybe next time I'll try using the "circular motion of the brush" method (i'm not very good with words) when laying down the colors to avoid streakiness so that I don't need to do a lot of washes.

Lastly, I couldn't get how she outlined here illustrations with charcoal/pencil like lines with just a brush 0.o Amazing! XD [or maybe I just used too much opaque paint? I dunno]