Invincible --- (and Value ;)

Invincible --- (and Value ;) - student project

Last year I did this class but didn't post the progress. Maybe because I never finished the hanger, even though I found the material here in the Netherlands. So here are last year's sketches. I chose 'value'. 

This week I came across the word ‘fragile’ three times in one day so I noticed it, but too late to take photo’s. I wasn’t eager to make it the word of the year because I associate it mostly with weakness.
This morning I saw the word ‘invincible’ twice within 30 seconds! I live in a Dutch speaking country, so it was super coincidental. First was a quote by Albert Camus on Facebook, right after that I picked up a book and there it was again.


I got to think about these two words that seem contradictory in a sense. 
Fragile made me think of a flower. It’s delicate and beautiful and also it’s lifespan is reasonably short. I thought: form is fragile. But the flower is not just it's form. Somehow life itself shines through that flower. Makes it radiant. When the flower dies, the plant is still alive. I could connect this to the Albert Camus quote. 



The book I decorated with paper stars is by Florence Scovel Shinn; 'Your word is your wand'. It's about the power of words and about feeding your subconcious with positive words and images. I had a small epiphany that my thoughts are the connection to that invincible summer, or power. My good thoughts can connect me to that core inside of me and that really is eternal. 
Then I looked at the dictionary and even there invincibility is connected to thought... Amazeballs!! (Been waiting for a chance to use that word, haha) 



I really had a moment here! 

So I choose 'invincible ...' as my word for 2018. The three dots are for 'summer' or 'power' or whichever word I will find for that core feeling. And I will keep 'fragile' in the back of my mind as a reminder to take good care of all of me. 

Thanks for the 'nudge' Ria, it put something in motion I'm really happy about. And I really really hope to win that year of Skillshare too. That would be so great... Fingers crossed.