Introduction to Digital Marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing - student project

What are the 3 things you will be updating for your digital online presence? It's important to think back to your ideal audience and where they are online.

1. Optimize the website
2. Be active on social media (eg. to post something more personal for the audience)
3. Develop multiple forms of content (eg. upload videos in Youtube about 'how to prepare for an interview' and etc.)
4. Start to trust email marketing.

What is your objective and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for your digital strategy? Choose an objective that is relevant to your goal and also set a relevant target for your KPI

Objective : Encourage Filipinos to register and use the site both Jobseeker and Employer. And, to keep them active in using the site.

KPIs: Hundreds of registration per week


How often will you be optimizing for the best results and checking against your KPI? Understanding that this is key for long term success, continuing your digital strategy optimisation.

- I guess, you need to continue optimizing your digital strategy when you were not able to reach the goal. You need to test different strategies to build your online presence.


What have you learned in this process? What new channels will you try next? Remember that with digital marketing, it's all about having a testing mindset, to try new strategies and learn from it.

Digital online presence is a must for every businesses. You need to know and understand your target audience and at the same time, understand every channel and how it works for you. You need to give the audience good experiences every screens that they have.