Interview with a Daeg: Love Advice from a Fantastical Medieval Warrior

Interview with a Daeg: Love Advice from a Fantastical Medieval Warrior - student project

Hi! My name is Bethanie. I am the author of The Seodrassian Chronicles under the name Bethanie F. DeVors. I do not own the rights to the picture above so I won't be using it for the actual marketing. I'm just using it here to represent the character I'm referencing. Below is the blog post I penned after watching the class. I loved the ideas and am excited to use these methods.

Blog Post:

As an author, I first met Daeg during the height of a bloody civil war in the fantastical kingdom of Seodrass. He was the leader of the knights and struggling to save his kingdom from an evil tyrant. Though I saw a war-hardened veteran, I also felt he had a deep, sensitive side to him. I decided to ask Daeg to help me give some advice to a few people in our world regarding their romantic lives.


Me: Sir Daeg, thank you for helping with this project.

Daeg: My pleasure, Person-I-Do-Not-Know.

Me: Let’s start with the first letter. Dear Daeg, I am very conflicted and need help. I am a single woman who recently started a new job. I work with a man I am very attracted to, but he’s married. He seems very unhappy in his marriage. Do you think it would be okay if I let him know I was interested in a relationship with him since he’s so unhappy?

Daeg: No. Next question.


Me: Dear Daeg, I live in South Carolina. I have recently been offered a music recording deal, but it would require that I move to New York. I also just recently started dating a man. I think he could be the one, but if I move, I’m sure it would kill the relationship. What should I do?

Daeg: Are South Carolina and New York close to each other?

Me: Not really. It’s expensive to fly and driving would take an entire day.

Daeg: Your people can fly?

Me: Err, well we ride in vehicles that fly so I guess.

Daeg: Amazing.

Me: Yeah, so what should she do?

Daeg: If she has only known this person for a short period of time, she cannot truly know if she could love him or not. Love requires an extensive courtship and time. She should accept the deal. There will be other men.




Daeg: What is it?

Me: You have no idea what’s about to hit you.

Daeg: What do you mean by this?

Me: (averting my gaze) Nothing. Let’s just move on to the last question.


Me: Dear Daeg, I recently found out my husband has been having an affair. I am stunned. I need advice on how to handle this situation. What do you recommend?

Daeg: (reaches into boot top and produces a dagger) I call this one Derrine after one of the castle servants. She looks delicate, but she is formidable. I am willing to loan this to you to take care of this situation as long as you clean it before you return it.


Daeg: (wicked grin)

Me: Welp, that’s it for now. Thanks, Sir Daeg.