Inspiration Grid

Inspiration Grid - student project

Here's how my grid came together!

My observations:

-Subject Matter: Lots of drinks and pour shots. Several including human hands!

-Style: A mix of Dark Vibrant and Bright Stark

-Colors: Tons of warm tones that pop against cooler-toned backgrounds. I've got reds, orange, and yellow all represented here. I'm surprised there isn't more purple!

-Conclusion: Seeing these images that inspire me made me realize that I need to start incorporating myself and my hands in my images more. I need to utilize movement to get that in-the-moment feel like you see here. I also need to implement more plants and foraged herbs as well! 

Photo Credit:
1. @ful.filled
2. @cupfulofkale
3. @stillsundayco
4. @gatherandfeast
5. @angelika_sorkina
6. @gatherandfeast
7. @bealubas
8. @cottercrunch
9. @crowded_kitchen

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