Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities  - student project

My intention in this project was to capture Miami's spice in 5 photographs. I began shooting my project in wynwood, Miami's original fashion disctrict. The day was really bright with zero clouds. After this day I bought myself a neutral density filter to help me out whenever overwhealmed with the sun.

#1 Golden Mean

Strolling by the vivid strory-telling walls of wynwood I got this shot of a great friend of mine (Javier Colberg) walking by.

This gave me ideas. I decided to take it slow and plan ahead with the project and make sure that, besides getting the shots needed for the project, I really learned to master my camera.

#2 Silhouette Photo

Here is another great friend of mine (Pedro Torres) that is a photographer, contemplating the sunrise in South Point, Miami Beach, Fl. We got there at 5:35am and set up a GoPro Hero 3 to record a time lapse


#3 Long Exposure Showing Motion Blur

This picture captures the essence and heart of downtown miami. This is 1st. street and Biscayne Boulevard with the iconic Miami Tower in the background lit up. The composition is what I mostly like about this photograph.

#4 Flash Freeze Motion

I took this picture, filming my dear friend Ennio Skoto at The Social Lubricant in Wynwood. It is part of the nightlife spectrum of Miami in my project. I have a project that I did for another class here in Skillshare that involves a 3:30 minute video of this event of you would like to see it, i'd appreciate it.


#5 Flash Photo w/ Background Under Exposed

This is a pie that struck me as unique and colorfull. I did not hesitate to take a shot of it as it looks delicious too. The place is called La Chicken Rotisserie.

I hope you enjoy my project and please if you did take a glance at it leave a comment, I would greatly appreciate feedback. Weather it be constructive or positive. Thank You.

Salvador Diaz