Improve traditional skills for studies

Improve traditional skills for studies - student project

Update 28. December 2013:

After trying a lot of different papers and arttechniques, i finally finished my Portrait Project and i'm proud to present you my finished piece:

I hope you like it, and i want to thank Gabrielle at this point for this incredible opportunity to learn from her videos! Thank you so much :)

Oh, and for everyone who's interested, these portraits are also done with this reference, though i'm still working on the PS one:

Update 22. November 2013:

The last two weeks were really busy for me. I learned how to scan, edit and draw artwork on photoshop (finally) and i got the first good result with a comic design for my characters. But well, let's start from the start.

I sketched right away keeping the proportions and tips from Gabrielle in mind. I like my sketches a bit messy and with loose lines, i also sketch the darkest shade with some lines cause they help me find the general idea of how i need to color it to get a living effect. Here are just a few of the sketches i did the last week, i scanned them and edited them in PS before i put them on a new page: 

Here's another one were i tried to color under the lines:

I already liked this so far, but it looked too flat, the colors weren't different enough and it didn't had the effect i wanted to attain. I googled a lot around after this and found some great other artists and tutorials which helped me a lot to understand photoshop (finally).

I was always under the impression that Photoshop was mostly used to edit Photos, make photomanipulations etc. I didn't know it was used this excessively to draw, paint and create art. 

A friend of mine recommended me Paint Tool Sai four weeks ago when we talked about Computer Art, cause i wanted to start a fashion line for Disney Characters. I tried this out but after a lot of disappointments and the wrong pen settings, i  gave up. Now i finally found a way to bring my traditional skills to Photoshop, it's all about the right material (a Wacom Tablet) and the right pen settings. Have a look at the picture i'm currently working on:

Reference - My Sketch - My colored version on Photoshop

I want to do this with my Project Cover Photo too and perhaps i want to color it a lot of times like in watercolor, with Photoshop and a pencil portrait as we're learning in this class. Finally here's the first sketch for my Project Cover Photo: 

Tell me what you think about my photoshop colored artworks and my sketches and i'd love to hear where i need to  improve my anatomical skills.


Hi, my name's Ramona, i'm from Germany and i'm studying modern and abstract art concepts. I want to improve my traditional skills in pencil and later on also in watercolor because as i found out, my traditional skills are way better than my digital. As a student of different modern artists and also different kind of styles, my knowledge in human anatomy is  existing but not skilled to it's fully potential. I hope to change this and learn a lot from this class :)

To get a skim at my current traditional works i uploaded this two artworks which were made last month:

I love fashion and good comic designs and even if my traditional realistic artworks seem to be quite good, i always have a different time to make digital comic characters - i hope i can take some good basics and tips to make my own character designs. 

As for my project i didn't want to restrict myself to just one picture but i'd rather love to make many faces and headposes to learn the different shades, angles etc. My main project and goal is focused to capture my project cover photo:

I'm excited to share this class with many different and talented artists!