Impromptu paint play time!

Impromptu paint play time! - student project

So I knew I had to play with this more but couldn't quite figure how to incorporate it into my style.

Twisted the method to work a treat for me (I'm not a painter so this worked out to be quicker and more reliable than using skill ha ha!!)

It also makes the most perfect background to complement Stewberts lovely face rather than him being sat on a boring flat background like normal.

So I had big plans to get loads of work done today, I promised myself no distractions. I stared strong by checking my emails and spotted a cheeky little teaser email suggesting a class for me. Five minuets latter I was climbing over rubbish in the garage looking for the old paint, I certainly got no work done at all but I have an epic upstairs landing now ha ha!

I have to say sorry to Adam for butchering his technique, but I had a great time even if the accent colour was stressful as hell as my metallic red acrylic refused not go on nicely and I could feel the whole thing falling apart around me.

In all I'm super stoked about the out come and look forward to inputting more of my style into it in future paintings!!