Impact on Fashion Animation

Impact on Fashion Animation - student project

In the past few months I have started to teach myself After Effects, first with very subtle animations of a plant moving and a girl on a skateboard, and then a whole scene that moved. So I decided that my next step would be a portfolio piece combining all the skills learned so far and put it to good use making an animation for Fashion Revolution Week. An educational video about our impact on fashion.

Of course I knew making animations were intens and I spend two days just gathering data and trying to create the right narrative. Thankfully I stumbled upon your class helping me to put everything in a storyboard and making this animation of 2,5 minutes come together.

Thank you so much Sarah for such a clear explanation of the process and all the inspiration you were able to incorporate in your class as well!

This is my moodboard for the style and colors:

And then followed a very messy storyboard trying to make the narrative work and also thinking through how the animations and especially transitions would happen:

After finalising all my illustrations I spend about 72hours making my first ever long animations with multiple screens and scenes! Please view through Vimeo, I would love to hear your feedback because I am sure there are a million things I can improve :)

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