I'll be joyning

I'll be joyning - student project

I've been in a major slump for a while now (and sick, but yeah...). Trying to get back into the flow of things and this sounds like the challenge I need. Great info on how to actually maintain a "regular art practice" / form a habit; not just some motivational blah, but real life tips. I loved the video course!

On to the challenge: I've gone round the house and gathered some items that seemed interesting, took out some pens n pencils.

Ran into a problem right away: I only have 10 sheets of printer paper left, no biro and no (book shelf free) wall - I do have a toddler, though, who would happily tear down any drawings (and run around the flat screeching and laughing). Yeah. I meditated on that a little and found this to be a thoroughly silly reason not to do this challenge. So instead I will use the sketchbook I just bought. I never know what to do with loose sketches and I'm an incredibly disorganised, untidy person - so having everything in one book will be a plus.

Just looking at the "PLAN" stressed me out (it's a great tool! - I'm just being sensitive), so I put items in a bowl and the pens I wanted to give a go and my sketchbook on my table. Time is always going to be after LO sleeps and possibly getting some food into me, so I won't have to write that down.

Day 1:

It took a lot out of me to "show up" today. The day was very busy and long, my back hurts, I'm bone tired, but here I am. *yeah* Sketching wasn't a problem - I got a huge confidence boost from being able to get so much on the page so quickly (I'll definitely keep doing this for this challenge); critique time was fun - got to use my cute sticky notes and had some fun commenting on my sucky drawing. Taking a photo, tho, and firing up the computer... *ugh* (Anyways, here's my sketch - I might write more and read some other comments tomorrow, but for now I'll just go and pass out on my bed.)

Day 2:

Too tired to comment much. A Dalarna horse - looked more simple than it was. Used pencil and tried to use it like a pen, with simple bold lines that don't get touched a second time. This is not how I normally draw with pencil and hence it didn't really work out for me. Lesson learned: don't try to go against your nature and experience just because you have this idea in your head of how quick drawings are supposed to look like. (Bone tired again, so nuff said. See you tomorrow!)


Day 3: So I went even more simple this time.

*ha* I was so tired yesteday I didn't write a thing. Anyways, I was really happy with my banana, or rather the brush pen. A medium that is able to produce bold lines seems better suited to this kind of challenge (as compared to, say, a mechanical pencil *ahem*)...

Day 4: When I looked again at the items I'd collected in my bowl I decided to have fun to today. LO's Findus plushy is the antithesis of simple, but ... yeah ... I had fun. Heaps. :) It took me longer to draw these, but then I just kept going, because of F-U-N. :)


Day 5 and 6: I did the challenge, but I didn't get to upload:

Actually, after doing the drawings I didn't stop and worked on other art projects - which I guess was the point of me participating in this challenge (I hadn't touched a pen or brush in weeks and felt so empty). So yeah: major breakthrough on that level! :) FYI:

Also, day 7 (it's been a week, already?!): This has been amazing so far! :)

Didn't get to do the self criticism, today. Had to write s.th. late into the night (after a long day with LO) and my brain is just totally fried. I've seen (out of the corner of my eye) that there are more comments. Thank you so much, y'all! I'll answer and update tomorrow (or possibly the day after)!

Day 8-10

Day 11

Day 12

These past few days have been very stressful; daycares are closed, so I look after LO while also trying to get work done. The short drawing sessions were a great time-out, but I felt too drained to "analyse" my drawings or post s.th. here. What I have learned, tho, is that I love brush pens and coloured pencils best. I think, going forward I'll only use the brush pen for a while and Kim Jeong-Gi my way through this sketchbook.

Days 13 and 14: I wasn't feeling too well, emotionally, and it shows in these drawings. Ah well. I did the horse again! I like it better with brush pen.

I'll be posting nicer pictures, do my caring critiques and answer all comments, I swear. It's just that I spent the day hunting for toilet paper for my parents. *sigh*

to be continued (yes, I'll try to continue!)

... and I have.

I challenged myself to draw with my brush pen every day. I had problems finding a balance btw doing this exercise and actually painting, so I eventually reduced the work load from one page to one drawing per day, but added a figure drawing in coloured pencil. So I do a little basic pre-work-out type exercise every day. :)  The way the world is right now, I don't really feel like the "deliberate" part of practising, so no critique for now.

My LO picked that flower for me. *heart*

LO's scissors and a scene from a korean TV show I was watching.

I did a page of drawing from photo references provided in a class by Gabrielle Brickey.

And then I got fed up with finding reference from around me (the whole situation does not make me feel productive - picking up a pen is a real struggle these days) and started drawing from LO's picture dictionary. Bonus: I get to practice brush lettering.

Here I was continuing with the dogs - and then LO happened (I often draw while LO is playing).

Also, I've started drawing from Croquis Cafe's sessions:

And on it goes... well, I don't think I'll update here. Maybe answer new comments and stuff. Doing this sort of challenge is better in a group setting or with feedback. Maybe I'll post on instagram or s.th. That's its own sort of challenge for me.

Anyways, thank you, Ohn Mar for the terrific class and challenge - and especially for providing feedback and sticking with us through this experience! This was really wonderful and it got me into doing at least a little bit of art daily. Plus, I've discovered a new love (my long neglected brush pen)! Thank you! :)