Il Capitano

Il Capitano - student project

I love football

I first started to watch it in the 90s, sitting with my undercut in my living room at 5am watching the World Cup or Champions League on SBS. The greats such as Paolo Maldini, Hristo Stoitchkov, Henrik Larrson, Davor Suker, Edgar Davids... shared the same blade of grass and inspired me to play the beautiful game. I really wanted to pay tribute to one of my favourite defenders of all time. Paolo Maldini — a one club man, defender and leader of both AC Milan and the Italian national team.


This project encouraged me to try out adding textures to my work. I took to the acrylic and paper like..well.. acrylic paint to paper, and made a few pages of textures. I also took photos of walls and cement floors, reverse selfies can be just as fun. Below are a select few of the textures I ended up capturing.

Putting it Together

I had fun playing with layers in Photoshop, something I never really tried before as I was more comfortable in Adobe Illustrator. Frustrating and fun at times, but reasonably happy with the mix of textures for a first go. Yazz got me through moments of disappointment when I got stuck...

Iterations and Final Product

I played with a couple of different format options and when it got to the end, it was hard to choose between a few final colour combinations. In the end, it was obvious to make sure the red and black jersey was included!


Thanks Andrew for the tutorial, I had great fun.