Icon Do This!

Icon Do This! - student project

Class Overview


In this class we will have fun learning how to create a cohesive set of icons!


Basic understanding of Illustrator. This class is for everyone from beginners to experts.


Upload your fancy new set of icons. 

The Idea phase

In this lesson we will create a list of your hobbies. Here is a list of mine:

drawing, designing, playing music, eating, watching TV, and bike riding.

Next we will narrow that list down to three (for time sake, feel free to do as many icons as you like). I will choose; designing, playing music, and bike riding.

Sketch phase

Now that we have our subjects for our icons, let's sketch out what they may look like.

Creating a template

Now that we have our sketches done, let's make a template to make sure that every icon we make looks cohesive. We will be using Adobe Illustrator to do this. 

Creating your icons

So our template has been made and it is time to create some icons! In the video you can follow along to see my process when creating icons. Feel free to create your icons however you like, and have fun!

Finish line

Share your final set of icons with the rest of the class, you rock star you! 

Also if you post your project on instagram be sure to tag me @ryanvatz and feel free to follow me!

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