I will illustrate my messy painting area

I will illustrate my messy painting area - student project

I chose this subject because it is difficult for me to do perspective and cluttered areas. 
I am doing my kit, my painting jars of water and my easel...but I am cheating a bit since I have recently completed Fab's "Watercolor Sketch Journaling On the Go: Come with me to draw, paint and drink coffee." class and it really impacted my practice so I have sketched these into a spread - and-- well, we will see if they all make the cut but I am uploading them to keep my project and me as close to the class project as possible.


So first here are my snapshots of my creative life - my messy work space:

My watercolor bottles:

And my acrylic easel:

here are the first draft sketches - messy area:

water bottles:

and easel:


And what the spread could look like:

And the spread is inked - at least to this point...

 And the finished ink:

I can hardly wait to paint it!

Here it is painted - 

I have had so much fun with this - I have other pages uploaded as my projects in Fab's other classes! Looking forward to his text class coming (hopefully) soon!