I heart foot massages

I heart foot massages - student project

Before this class I never knew what to do when massaging someones feet. The massages usually lasted about 2 minutes because after that I had nothing left to do haha. Thanks Stacy for sharing your technique! I loved this class and your clear/helpful instructions. 

  1. How did your friend feel before and after the massage? For the class I practiced on my husband. He has flat feet so I think they tend to bother him more. He didn't want me to stop. He said he felt really relaxed and his feet felt so good after. 
  2. How did you feel after giving the massage? I felt it was time my husband returned the favor and give me foot massage too:) My hands were tired, but over all not too bad. 
  3. What was your favorite technique? I liked the part where you use your fists. It gave my fingers a break, plus I have never massaged liked that before. 

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