I hate working with tube!!!

I hate working with tube!!! - student project

These were a real struggle to make. Tube has high rollability I discovered and I spent a lot of time trying to find bits which had leapt  off my desk onto the floor. Despite having a tube cutter, I found it really hard to get the pieces the same size with flat edges. I don't have a bench drill so making holes in the tubing was not easy. I found sticking the tube down with blutack worked fairly well  to hold the tube in place while I made a little divot for the drill and then used the nylon jaw pliers to hold it in place while drilling with a dremel.

What I did find really helpful was learning the technique for attaching pearls securely to silver which I have now I hate working with tube!!! - image 1 - student projectused in other projects. As always the instructions were very clear.