I Hold Drinks

I Hold Drinks - student project

This is my most "effective" post so far. It's simple, and features a best-selling design. 24 likes, babyyyyy.

I've been commenting more on posts since viewing this course, and I've seen my own posts getting more popular. I reckon that works!

I still haven't narrowed down a real strategy, aside from an overall goal of "increase brand awareness". I've been throwing a bunch of things at the wall, and seeing what sticks. I have my Ideal Follower (and Customer) pretty well figured, but the near-daily panic of "oh shit, I gotta post something to IG" leaves me flailing and without much cohesion to the feed.

Things I need to work on:

- overall IG strategy

- content mapping

- brand color palette

- once a week, or 2 weeks, take a day and plan my images and captions for the next week or two

- spend less time scrolling idly

I'm @iholddrinks if anyone want to follow or check it out!