I’ve Found My Design Style - Finally!

I’ve Found My Design Style - Finally! - student project

I’ve been having a tough time creating work that was strictly my own. I didn’t trust myself enough to believe that what I made could be totally my own, and still be beautiful. This class showed me how to find my art style, and break in a new creative path - that only I could go down.

I can’t wait to see what the artistic future has in store!


this is one out of the series I created, based on Danielle’s suggestion: I took pictures of items that I loved, and then I grouped them together into categories which included Family, Travel, and Friends. Every one of these objects represents a person or time that is near and dear to me. 




my visual vocabulary - not beautiful in the least bit, but very helpful & on point:)


Part of my photo shoot:



and here’s something I created right after I finished the class, just because I was so happy and excited: