How to Make a Duct Tape Gift Bow

How to Make a Duct Tape Gift Bow - student project

Why am I taking this class?

I run a YouTube channel named Sea Lemon — where I make simple, easy-to-follow DIY arts & crafts tutorials:

I am sort of a one-woman band... I make, film, edit and design everything on my channel. So when it came to a point where I felt like I was outgrowing iMovie, I decided to transition to Adobe Premiere Pro. However, I was a bit intimidated by this new program, since I was coming from such a basic one...

When I saw this class available on Skillshare, I thought how perfect is this?! I was looking for a tutorial on Premiere to apply to my how-to videos, and the final project for this class is make a how-to video. It was meant to be and I quickly signed up! :D


As I went through the project guide, I became more comfortable with Premiere through Daniel's clear/easy instruction. His style of teaching was very informative and helpful, with great tips based on his own professional experience.

Here are some screenshots of my process:

Even though Premiere seems so complex at first, I found it actually became more efficient to use than a basic program such as iMovie — or at least it did for the how-to content I was editing anyway.

I used to work in Flash years ago (I'm a graphic designer by trade) and I found a lot of similarities between the two Adobe programs. That might have helped my transition as well.

In order to keep consistent with my existing videos, there were some things I had to search for on my own to learn how to do... like how to customize video transitions, make video thumbnail clips on top of video and apply a Ken Burns effect on images. Luckily the wonderful internet is full of information so I was able to figure it out.

Final project

My how-to video is a tutorial on how to make a duct tape gift bow. I didn't exactly create an entire story for the project as suggested in the beginning of the class, but I'm happy with the outcome and it's just in time for the holidays :) Here is my final project uploaded to my YouTube channel:

Overall, I'm glad I took this class. I really needed a good introduction to Premiere Pro and these guys provided a solid helpful class. I now have a good base knowledge of this program and will continue to apply it to my work. Thank you!