How to Grow on Instagram/Instagram Marketing: My New YT Channel

How to Grow on Instagram/Instagram Marketing: My New YT Channel - student project

I just started my channel a few months ago, and have been doing so much of what you mentioned in the video.

For anyone who wants to follow along, here's my channel :)

It's challenging to keep up with creating as much video content as I know is necessary to grow - but I'm happy to hear that you mentioned not to put pressure on yourself to make every piece of content viral but to progress and move forward knowing what you are doing is enough. 

Just from the last few months of creating on Youtube I can see what you're saying that an occasional video will pop and go viral, and others chug along. I've had one video go viral (30K views), and has produced most of the growth for my channel in the last 2-3 months. And I can see that I wouldn't want to over rely on producing only viral content because of the pressure this would be to create. 

I've been very focused on the value I give to my audience, so I've kept my videos short and precise. I look forward to adding more personality and focus on merging my unique way of doing things with my content about Instagram. Cheers to continuing to post, and love the overall approach you laid out in this series/course.

Sorelle, this course is great, thank you so much for creating/publishing your expertise!



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