How To Become A Virtual Assistant

How To Become A Virtual Assistant - student project

1) Do you think this kind of job alignes with what you want for your life? Why?

Yes because I can do so much more when I am at my own home. Being a VA aligns with my time for both my personal and professional management.


2) Skills and personality:

  a) Are you a shy or outgoing person? Do you prefer in-person  conversations or social media?

I am an outgoing person but there are still times that I tend to be shy. I would prefer in-person conversations if it is regarding a complex matter and I prefer conversations through social media if it is a simple matter.

  b) Do you have experience in sales or marketing?

I have experience in sales due to being a customer representative agent and as a Networker.

  c) Do you have experience as a receptionist, secretary or assistant?

I don't have any experience as a receptionist, secretaey or assistant.

  d) Do you have any creative skills like graphic design/ web design?

I am an amateur when it comes to having a creative skill/s. I do try to learn graphic design by myself and I am thinking about taking a class on web designing.

  e) Do you like talking and interacting with people?



3) What services are you going to offer?

  • Email Management (general service)
  • Calendar management (general service)
  • Transcribe video and audio files
  • Marketing

4) Choose your ideal client!

  • My ideal client would be someone who has a business, whether big or small.
  • A client whose environment is strongly based on the internet.
  • A client/company that makes online classes and needs a transcriptionist to add subtitles to their class videos and/or recordings.

5) Social Media and Portfolio.

6) Pricing! If you want, you can tell me here about your pricing choice if  you want my opinion! If not, that's totally fine!!

Basic plan: 10 hours daily $10 per hour.