House-sitting self portraits

House-sitting self portraits - student project

Sharing some of my first self-portrait attempts. While housesitting here in New Zealand, I've decided to dedicate my time to self-development in the photography field. I feel I'm getting more comfortable taking landscape photos as well as photographing other people, though always feel awkward when someone else is taking photos of me, therefore, end up with awkward looking photos. Therefore, I've decided the best way to battle the feeling of being uncomfortable in front of the camera is by learning to take self-portraits. Thus, I'm here in this class. :) Thank you very much for the class and all the useful tips. Quite frankly, the first photo does not really have a story, as I just loved the patterns of this old leather armchair and thought it would make a great pattern background. The other two photos are here to tell the story of my affection for the adorable dog that I'm caring for on a house-sit. I've just started learning photography, Lightroom and photoshop editing skills so would really appreciate your feedback in criticism as am not sure if some of the edits may be too much? Thanks!