History of Girl Groups

History of Girl Groups - student project

For my first project step, I put together a wide range of things that interest me.  I would love some feedback on which ones you find more interesting 

I want to pick something that can lend itself to easy visualization and show some kind of novel relationships/trends 


- History of Girl Groups

- % of artists on Hot 100 by race

- Genre breakdown of #1 songs


- Ramen types by region

- Vegetable ripeness by month

- Immigration trends vs. Ethnic restaurant openings (ie Why are there not as many Filipino restaurants given the population of Filipinos?)


- Comparison of interracial marriage and gay marriage policy progress by state 


- Analysis of 80s-90s Television theme songs

----- Update

Based on some of my research (and level of difficulty in finding information about some of my ideas) I've decided to run with the Girl Groups idea.

Luckily, the wikipedia page has most of the basic data I need and I think there will be a lot of fun ways to visualize/codify some of the data around genre, group size, ethnicity, etc. over time.

I want to tackle this one first then really want to get to the Immigration trends vs. Ethnic restaurants idea.  Any advice or feedback is welcome.

----- Update

I've started to put together my data based on the wikipedia page, would love feedback on other data to collect besides these:

  • Era
  • Name
  • Country
  • Genre
  • Size
  • Ethnicity
  • Songs famous for

you can take a look at my progress on this google doc.  I'm toying with the idea of showing hairstyles, but not quite sure how it will play out in the final visualizaion.

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